ASUS XA03 STRIX SCOPE PBT/RD Wired Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard

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ASUS ROG STRIX SCOPE PBT/RD wired mechanical gaming keyboard with Cherry MX switches, aluminum frame, and wider Ctrl key for FPS games Great for FPS games: 2X wider, ergonomic Xccurate Ctrl key means fewer missed clicks for greater FPS precision Quick-Toggle switch: Instantly shift between function and media key input Stealth key: Tap to hide all apps and mute audio for instant privacy; tap again to play on PBT keycaps: It provides premium feel, with a durable matte finish to reduce key fading and surface wear Cherry MX switches: German-made, micro-switched actuators for precision input with tactile feedback Durable construction: Aluminum top plate with striking slash aesthetic for everyday resilience with a dash of style Macros, management and memory: Quickly map command sequences to selected keys, adjust settings with enhanced Armoury II software, and store profiles using onboard memory Connectivity Technology Wired, USB 2.0 OS Support Windows® 10 Windows® 10 64-bit Windows® 7 Dimensions 440x137x39 mm Weight 1140 g with cable Color Black, Red, Gray Interface available Keyboard : USB Contents 1 x ROG Strix Scope PBT mechanical gaming keyboard 2 x ROG stickers 2 x Extra large Ctrl key(deep grey, light grey) Quick Start Guide