Majestouch Ninja Filco Black mechanical KB, front-printed, BROWN SW

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High-quality mechanical keyboard has full-size US-104 key layout with numberpad

Letters are printed on the front of the keys for a stealthy appearance!

Perfect for the users who are confident in touch typing, or want to build their touch-typing skills

The printing won't wear off due to being touched either, so your keyboard will last longer

Two additional Windows keys with front-printing, and a keypuller, are included

Designed in Japan, now in Australia! Tactile feel, Cherry MX Brown Switch, there is a very soft click as you reach the contact point.

With the light pressure spring, it makes typing action easy, fast and stress free.

Solid rigid construction and weight, N-Key rollover, up to 6 keys typed simultaneously will be recognised via USB

All the keys typed simultaneously are recognized when connected via PS/2.

A long key stroke of 4mm and the contact point at 2mm between the key stroke.

Easy, fast and stress-free typing for the famous features of Cherry MX tactile feel

Key pitch/Key stroke: 19mm/4+/-0.5mm Designed-in-Japan, made in Taiwan, rigid structure

Dimensions: W440xD138xH35.8mm(49.5mm raised up by stand)/1.2kg

Please note: As these keyboards are mechanical in nature, there will usually be very slight variations in the tonal quality of the clicking sounds that the keys make.

Factors such as the location of each key on it's circuit board influence how closely the key is bound to the standoffs that secure the circuit board to the base, and so on. These slight variations are regarded as normal by the manufacturers.