Matias Space Grey Wireless Aluminium Tenkeyless Keyboard, Mac/Win, up to 3x BT

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Tenkeyless Bluetooth rechargeable keyboard with 1 year battery life.
If Apple made a Tenkeyless keyboard, it would look just like this one — except that this one works with all platforms (Mac, PC, iOS, Android) and can pair up to 3 devices. Available in Silver or Space Gray.

For Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch & Android.


The "Matias Wireless Aluminum Tenkeyless Keyboard - Space Gray" is a slim, aluminum, wireless (Bluetooth) keyboard with a similar layout to the familiar Apple Wireless Keyboard. It has two features that enhance your experience compared to the regular Apple Wireless Keyboard:

1. It has a rechargeable battery with a typical battery life of 1 year before needing charging.

2. It has the ability to pair to three Bluetooth devices at the same time, and easily switch between the three devices with the press of a button. Now you can use the same beautiful, great-feeling keyboard for your Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, or PC; the keyboard even pairs with the optimal layout for each type of device, so when you switch between devices, the keyboard layout is what you expect.