Majestouch Filco Convertible 2 mechanical KB, USB and BT, Red SW

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Majestouch Filco Convertible 2 mechanical KB, USB and BT, Red Cherry MX Switches

High-quality keyboard has enhanced US 104-key layout, designed in Japan, now in Australia!

Full-size mechanical keyboard has both USB and Bluetooth connections

You can charge via USB and keyboard can be used without batteries via USB

You can switch between up to 4 paired computers or Bluetooth-enabled devices

You can change device you are pairing to while connecting to USB

 Dipswitches enable you to change some of the key functions

UV coating will be applied for keycaps

 Note: your device will need to be Bluetooth-enabled already to connect to this keyboard


Key arrangement US ASCII
FN & Ctrl keys located on the left side of arrow keys are in different positions from other Majestouch 2 series.
Key pitch / Key stroke 19mm / 4 ±0.5mm
Dimensions / Weight W440 x D138 x H38.5mm (49.5mm raised up by stand) / 1.2kg
Interface USB / Bluetooth (Bluetooth ver3.0 Class2 HID profile)
Accessories USB cable, AA batteries, FILCO key puller, Key caps for replacement, User Manual
Notices All our FILCO Keyboard have already passed the CE, FCC and RoHS certification.
Bluetooth adapter is not included in this product, please prepare separately.


Please note: As these keyboards are mechanical in nature, there will usually be very slight variations in the tonal quality of the clicking sounds that the keys make.

Factors such as the location of each key on it's circuit board influence how closely the key is bound to the standoffs that secure the circuit board to the base, and so on. These slight variations are regarded as normal by the manufacturers.